Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Six of the Best 314

"Terminally ill patients who are mentally competent ought surely to be able to get medical help to end their lives. Unless they are absolutely desperate, refusing medication or ceasing to eat or drink are not to be contemplated. A relative of mine who died in a care home not long ago used to say every time I visited her that she wished she could die, but it never occurred to her to do either." Eric Avebury makes the case for assisted dying on Liberal Democrat Voice.

"The Occupy movements dramatised questions about public space — who owns it? who can use it? — and provided some surprising answers." Richard Sennett writes on British Politics and Policy at LSE

Times Higher Education has an interview with Albie Sachs.

Ten ideas for social change in East London are presented on New Start by Claire Golf. And they may have far wider application.

adambaseyfood from Melton Mowbray calls on us to shop local.

"I guess that’s why cats seem the more popular companion for writers. They’re happy to sit on the desk beside you and be stroked now and again; they’re rarely in a hurry, whereas a dog wants you to take it on a walk and throw things for it." Lesism - by Les Floyd examines our curious relationship with cats.

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