Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Six of the Best 318

Keynesian Liberal thinks he knows what Leeds needs - and it is not HS2.

Professor Louis Appleby, the National Director of Mental Health and Criminal Justice, has written a guest post for the excellent MentalHealthCop blog: "any police officers I have met are clear that dealing with mental illness is a natural part of their modern role.  Others believe the opposite, that it gets in the way of “real” policing.  But that cannot be right.  Mental illness is common, as is substance misuse and personality disorder.  Society is finally facing up to how common mental ill-health is.  People whose work is with the public – teachers, housing staff, prison officers, politicians – need to see mental illness as within their remit.  Anything else is discrimination."

Robert Reich explains how Obama is unravelling the Reagan Republicanism: "Republican libertarians have never got along with social conservatives, who want to impose their own morality on everyone else. Shrink-the-government fanatics in the GOP have never seen eye-to-eye with deficit hawks, who don’t mind raising taxes as long as the extra revenues help reduce the size of the deficit. The GOP’s big business and Wall Street wing has never been comfortable with the nativists and racists in the Party who want to exclude immigrants and prevent minorities from getting ahead. And right-wing populists have never got along with big business and Wall Street, which love government as long as it gives them subsidies, tax benefits, and bailouts."

Did the Chernobyl disaster cause the downfall of the Soviet Union? Mark Joseph Stern investigates on Slate.

M.J. Wayland writes on the Horseman's Word - a secret society once said to operate among farmers and ploughmen in Aberdeenshire, Banff, Elgin "and certain parts of Angus".

Winston Churchill's lack of interest in cricket is dissected by Go Litel Blog, Go... (aka the blogger across the road).

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