Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Six of the Best 310

Mark Pack has been reading Des Wilson's memoirs.

"Public trust in institutions is more quickly undermined than it is built. The Police and Crime Commissioners were never popular with the public, but the first actions of Bill Longmore and his colleagues across the nation are undermining trust further. Public confidence in the police fell dramatically during 2012. If one of the hopes of the Police and Crime Commissioners is to restore public confidence in policing it has certainly got off to a bad start." Andy Boddington on the problems with the new police and crime commissioners - in West Mercia and further afield.

Go Litel Blog, Go ... reviews the very damp cricket season of 2012.

"Nothing happened in April apart from a penguin standing for the council in Edinburgh. The penguin successfully defeated the Liberal Democrats but failed to be elected." Love and Garbage reviews the year on Love and Garbage.

The last days of Hurstway Street in West London, in 1969, are pictured by The Library Time Machine.

While Londonist shows us the city's lost department stores.

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