Friday, March 04, 2016

Lib Dems hold seat on Rutland County Council

Whissendine windmill © Kate Jewell
Good news from Rutland, where the Liberal Democrats comfortably held a seat in a council by-election in Whissendine yesterday.

The result:

Kevin Thomas (Lib Dems)   265
Conservative                      109
Ukip                                    33

The Ukip candidate was Marietta King, who has twice been their general election candidate in Harborough.

Her intervention took a few votes from the Conservatives, but otherwise the result was more or less unchanged from October 2014 when Sam Asplin gained the seat for the Lib Dems in another by-election. He was forced to stand down by poor health.

Rather impressively, there was a 40 per cent turn out, with no spoilt papers.

Martin Brookes has a photo of the victorious Lib Dem candidate.

Incidentally, Lord Bonkers played no part in this triumph. I sent his latest diary off to Liberator last night and it seems he has been in the US state of New Rutland for the Primaries.

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