Friday, March 18, 2016

The first time I saw George Osborne

In the days when I wrote a weekly column for Liberal Democrat News - in the days when there was a Liberal Democrat News - I had a Press Gallery pass at the Palace of Westminster.

Everyone said the place resembled nothing so much as a public school. Not having attended such an establishment myself, I was not really qualified to judge.

But the it certainly resembled what I imagined a public school to be like, albeit largely without the roasting over fires or flagellation.

One day in 2001 I saw an improbably  youthful figure on the opposition front bench. He really did look like a cheeky fourth-former sitting in the prefects' seats. I expected him to be booted out as soon as they turned up.

I asked a Press Gallery attendant (they know everyone by sight) who he was.

"That's George Osborne,"he explained.

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Helena said...

I remember going to the Houses of Parliament in the early 2000s and experiencing something quite similar. However, the youthful-looking chap I saw was David Cameron!