Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

There was only one blog added to the LibDemBlogs aggregator in February. But that was one better than the total for January.

Nevertheless, I shall keep this feature going. Surely a Liberal Democrat revival or a blogging revival will turn up soon?

The new blog is written by Mark Argent.

Talking about the Cambridge for Europe group he says:
People talk of the "Cambridge phenomenon" - the boom in businesses, especially high-tech, in and around Cambridge. But this local success relies on a much larger international framework the European single market. 
From Cambridge, our businesses can easily reach out far and wide because the single market was created to form one set of rules for the whole of the EU. Different sets of regulations for each country are vanishing. Hidden barriers to trade are gone. 
But Cambridge’s innovation leaders don’t just play in this big internal market, the size of the single market itself makes it easier for Cambridge to compete with innovation competitors from Japan and the USA.
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