Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Who: I'm a Boy

Writing about moves to ban tackling in school rugby, I quoted some lines from this song. I have since found this video, so here it is on a Sunday.

Wikipedia explains the genesis of "I'm a Boy":
The song was originally intended to be a part of a rock opera called 'Quads' which was to be set in the future where parents can choose the sex of their children. The idea was later scrapped, but this song survived and was later released as a single. 
The song is about a family who "order" four girls, but a mistake is made and three girls and one boy are delivered instead. The boy dreams of partaking in sports and other boy-type activities, but his mother forces him to act like his sisters and refuses to believe the truth.
I once reminisced about going out and buying Substitute by The Who when it was re-released in 1976 because it was so much better than anything in the charts at the time.

This was on the B-side, along with Picture of Lily. I don't think I have ever got better value than that.

If you are a fan of The Who in the 1960s, also have a look at this video of three songs performed at the Marquee Club.

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