Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jason Zadrozny cleared of all chages

At the 2010 general election the Liberal Democrat candidate Jason Zadrozny came within 192 votes of gaining the Ashfield constituency from Labour.

In the run up to the 2015 election he was arrested on child abuse charges.

Yesterday, 950 days later, he was cleared of all charges when the Crown Prosecution Service said no evidence would be presented against him.

Jason told BBC News:
"Justice has been done, I've said for two and a half years that I was absolutely not guilty. 
"It's the most horrible thing that anybody can be accused of."
And his solicitor, Matt Hayes, said:
"There was insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction. 
"That's the crown's view, our case is there's never been any evidence."
The BBC says that Jason has previously said he believes the allegations were politically motivated.

And he told the Nottingham Post that he will take legal action against Nottinghamshire Police.

Jason and the Lib Dem councillors in Ashfield have rebranded themselves as the Ashfield Independents since his arrest in 2015. They made an impressive gain in a local by-election only a couple of weeks ago.


BGT said...

Pity the Liberal Democrats didn't stick by him.

BGT said...

Pity the Lib Dems didn't stick with him.