Friday, October 13, 2017

Philip Hammond should remember who his real enemy is

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It may have been a slip of the tongue or it may have been an attempt to placate the headbangers who now dictate Conservative policy.

Either way, calling European negotiators "the enemy" has made the claim that Hammond is the sole grown up in a cabinet of muppets and vegetables less convincing.

And he should remember who his real enemy is.

One of my favourite pieces of political wisdom goes something like this:
A keen new Conservative MP was sitting in the house, staring intently at the Labour benches. 
"What're you doin', young Tompkins?" asked an old buffer, sitting down next to him. 
"Staring at the enemy, sir." 
"No, that's the opposition. The enemy is on this side."


Anonymous said...

The footage I recall is Neil Kinnock quoting some Labour chap.

It goes something like this:

"First day as a frontbencher?"

"Yes, I'm eager to confront the enemy."

"No, that's the opposition. The enemy is behind you."

Up until June 8th 2017 Corbyn's real enemy WAS behind him!

Jonathan Calder said...

I suspect that story was around long before Neil Kinnock came on the scene.

And, yes, Corbyn does agree with the Conservative government on the most important issue of the day.