Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Six of the Best 738

"Thirteen years ago two boys died after being restrained by staff in English prisons run by G4S and Serco. Both boys had been in care and lived in children’s homes."  Carolyne Willow campaigns for transparency on the use of restraint on children in custody.

Ian Martin says Yorkshire and the North of England suffer because of the hegemony of power and influence concentrated in London.

Urban trees are vital to our wellbeing, argues Eillie Anzilotti.

"The presenters of Front Row, the only arts magazine programme on the whole of BBC television, began their new assignments by announcing they could not be bothered with theatre." Nick Cohen on the BBC's apologetic arts coverage.

John Harris takes us back to Frestonia, a small corner of West London that declared its independence in 1977 - The Clash recorded much of Combat Rock there.

The first terrorist attack on the London Underground took place in 1883. Londonist has the story.

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