Sunday, October 01, 2017

Six of the Best 729

" I was on the ... Social Liberal Forum stand. I was approached by a man who was attending his first conference. He had won a prize in the raffle. He explained that his son was on the Liberal Reform stall and they had told him we were a 'bunch of lefties'. He wanted to know about joining...." Iain Brodie Brown reports a conversation at the recent Liberal Democrat Conference.

Jennie Rigg offers her guide to filling out a speaker's card at Lib Dem Conference.

"Forced through war, poverty and uncertainty to make new lives in England, they were drawn to cricket as a way of connecting with home." Nick Greenslade tells the story of how Afghan refugees have saved a Kent village cricket team.

Andy Boddington asks if too many trees are being felled in Ludlow.

"Guillam’s interrogators - Laura and Bunny (the latter is a man) - are almost parodies of awfulness, and one cheers on Guillam as he gamely lies to them and seeks to protect ‘old Circus’ from the consequences of its actions." Dan Atkinson enjoys John Le Carré's A Legacy of Spies.

Clare Balding: all-round good egg or control freak? Listen to the experience of Ginny Dougary and learn how celebrity works..

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