Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Six of the Best 737

Helen Belcher writes to the Today programme about transphobia.

Mark Hobbs on an unexpected story from Iran: "Many of Isfahan’s Polish children remained in the city for the duration of the War. Later on they departed for new lives in East Africa, India, Mexico and New Zealand. Memoirs shared by the Polish diaspora indicate a fond regard for their time in Iran, and for Isfahan in particular which, for many, will always be remembered as 'the city of Polish children'."

"If you're anywhere near Peterborough, do visit if you can. We went on a sunny Tuesday morning in early summer. We had the site to ourselves, to wander around and marvel. The sheep trotted past and took shelter under the trees. Fish splashed in the fen; I heard a cuckoo. It was easy almost to imagine oneself back in the past..." says Katherine Langrish of Flag Fen.

"We begin in the Lace Market, an area once famous for being the center of the world’s lace production. Nowadays it’s full of curving brick buildings and cobbled streets, and I can’t help wandering down every little lane I find." A Lady in London visits Nottingham.

Mimi Matthews examines the connection between spinsters and cats in the Victorian era.

"It is no small burden to possess something as valuable as Mitchell’s talent, and it meant that this girl from the Canadian prairie would be in the world, whether she liked it or not." Dan Chiasson celebrates the genius of Joni Mitchell.

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