Sunday, February 25, 2018

Church spires should be beacons of energy in the landscape

From BBC News the other day:
Church spires could be used to boost mobile and broadband coverage in rural areas under an agreement between the UK government and the Church of England. 
The government has committed to achieving good-quality mobile connectivity across the UK by 2022. 
While the agreement encourages churches to sign up, they will still have to negotiate the usual planning process. 
Digital analysts welcomed the development but said "the devil would be in the detail".
I have heard of churches being used to boost signals in this way before and I like the idea. They are and should be beacons of energy in the landscape.

The danger, I suppose, is that this scheme may bring ancient ley lines to life and cause wolves to run or the darkness to rise. Worse, it may turn out that it is the Devil in the detail.

But on the whole I think it's a chance worth taking.

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