Saturday, February 03, 2018

Six of the Best 765

Replying to the Michael Meadowcroft article included in the last of these round ups, Paul Holmes says a good targeting strategy is essential for the Liberal Democrats.

"Mainstream society has laid down with dogs and we have now got up with fleas." Matthew Collins says we have become comfortable with hate.

Hadley Freeman asks why actors are suddenly lining up to condemn Woody Allen: "I get why people feel icky about Allen. Some of us were rolling our eyes at Manhattan, his film about a man’s relationship with a schoolgirl, before the leading lights of #MeToo were born. But this is not a case that should be tried by public opinion."

Torie Bosch is fascinated by the "List of people who disappeared mysteriously" page on Wikipedia.

"The love Crook has for these characters shines through, and part of the joy of the show is in how likeable they are. Perhaps that’s why it’s accumulated such a strikingly devoted audience over the last couple of years." Anna Leszkiewicz analyses the appeal of Detectorists.

Tim Holyoake has some great pictures of the Derwent dams taken during a drought in 1959.

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