Thursday, February 08, 2018

Jo Swinson 1 John Humphrys 0

Liberal Democrats were not the only people to enjoy it this morning when Jo Swinson neatly turned the tables on John Humphrys.

His tone of wounder impatience in reply did him no favours.

As I blogged last year:
One of the many problems with Today is John Humphrys. Too often his interviewing his based on his prejudices, which became tedious years ago. 
It is tempting to attribute this to his age, but I suspect he has always been like that. So let's just say that the team of presenters needs to be refreshed and Humphrys is the first candidate to stand down.
Here his failure to grasp that undervaluing of women when it comes to pay might be part of a wider problem in how they are treated did him no favours either.

Part of the trouble is that Westminster is run as though it were occupied by hundreds of small businesses, with each MP employs a small handful of people.

Sarah Olney has spoken about how hard it was to put an office together when she won her by-election and then make them all its staff redundant when she lost at the general election.

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoicePeople who work for MPs at Westminster should be employed by the House authorities. They could make sure they have in place the sort of policies against harassment and bullying that the rest of us have with for years.

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