Friday, February 23, 2018

Six of the Best 770

Otto English takes a look at the record of the 62 Conservative MPs who signed the European Research Group letter to Theresa May.

"The frenzied desire to ‘give the Jews a good kicking’ led the room to reject local MP Tulip Siddiq’s alternative offer of a report on her parliamentary activities instead. Apparently, as we seek a full-on return to the Dark Ages, the ritual ‘humiliation of the Jews’ must come before any competing business." Philip Rosenberg on the institutional racism in his local Labour Party.

"The idea that black people only inhabit urban areas, and that the English countryside has always been white, is a myth. Yes, many black and brown people who came to the UK settled in our larger cities, but not exclusively – there are a multitude of rural histories which are yet to be heard." Louisa Adjoa Parker uncovers some of them, from slavery to African American WW2 GIs.

Barney Ronay says Britain is choking on a toxic obsession with Winter Olympic medals

"During his stint, Orwell enjoyed a spectacular fall out with the editor which saw him nearly quit... and moaned about his rates of pay (although his weekly wages of 8 guineas - the equivalent of £220 today - would be a fortune with today's tight budgets)." Yakub Qureshi discovers George Orwell's three years on the Manchester Evening News.

Tim Worthington remembers Chris Morris's Blue Jam.

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