Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Six of the Best 769

"The smaller party in a future coalition must be wary of sacrificing too many of its core values for the sake of government unity." Judi Atkins draws some lessons on how to make coalition work from Britain's 2010-15 experience.

"We live in an age of increasing polarisation and fraction with bitter conflicts between opposing groups, whether this is in the case of Trump, Brexit, One Nation or other extremist or populist movements. These results remind us that we should be wary of assuming that our followers are thoughtful and caring but their followers are brainwashed and hateful — not least because from their perspective the opposite is likely to be true." A University of Queensland press release quotes the psychologist Nik Steffens on how we see members of ingroups and outgroups.

Maya Kosoff on the problems facing Twitter.

Londonist looks at the chances of York Road station on the Piccadilly line north of King's Cross being reopened.

"The view comes courtesy of Britain’s growing rubbish problem from a boom in commerce through the 60s, 70s and 80s. You’re actually standing on one of the biggest rubbish tips in Britain." Helia Phoenix takes us to a favourite Cardiff viewpoint.

Anthony Teague celebrates 'Stand by Me' and Ben E. King.

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