Friday, July 06, 2018

Cromford waits impatiently for Parliament to be relocated there

Regular readers will remember my solution to the problem of the Palace of Westminster needing extensive, expensive restoration:
Just let the place gently fall into decay. Imagine how much more attractive it would be as a ruin alive with feral cats, buddleias and fragments of Gothic tracery.
They will also remember my alternative venue for Parliament: Arkwright's Mill in Cromford, Derbyshire.

I was there today and am pleased to report everything is in order.

The mill itself is now more of a visitor attraction - in fact it is an experience - and could surely accommodate a couple of debating chambers.

And you can take a boat along the Cromford Canal, which you have not been able to do since the 1980s, when what was once a vigorous restoration society fell apart.


nigel hunter said...

Yes lets move Parliament here. It is 200 years behind the times!!!

Jonathan Calder said...

I'm pleased to see people are rallying behind my proposal.

Unknown said...

We're campaigning for York. If Constantine could run the Roman Empire from York I'm sure the country could be run from there. On the newly publicly owned LNER and only 2 hours from London.

Jonathan Calder said...

I love York and it would be a good second choice, but very much a second choice.

Reopening the Midland route to Manchester north of Matlock forms part of my plans for Cromford.