Thursday, July 26, 2018

Those "senior Liberal Democrats" are meeting tonight

Remember those "senior Liberal Democrats" who want to Vince Cable as leader?

According to Total Politics, which is unable to add any detail to that original story, they are meeting this evening.

I like Layla Moran and can see her being party leader one day, but I am not convinced that a change of leader is the answer to our current lack of progress.
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Maybe everyone should just go on holiday?


Tim Johnson said...

Many examples show that decent party leaders are hard to come by. They shouldn't be disposed of unless there's no more mileage in them. Vince has still got some grip on his tyres. Keep him running while Layla, Jo etc build up a bit more experience and profile. Their time will come soon enough.

And there's one major role Vince could yet play. When the whole Brexit structure comes crashing down and the majority of MPs finally accept their responsibility to the country who will have the status and platform to lead a National Government? Sir Vince Cable, that's who. Experience, gravitas and unpolitical reluctance to say stupid things could start looking like virtues rather than weaknesses. Lib Dems should be bigging Vince up rather than trying to get rid of him.

Sean Blake said...

Quite agree. Although Vince seems at times to be running out of puff he has the necessary resilience and reputation for problem solving that the LibDems need to harness in order to project themselves into the heart of political decision making at this crucial time.