Saturday, July 28, 2018

From telephone exchange to Baptist chapel

A Particular Baptist is not a Baptist who insists the water is just the right temperature. It is one who holds to the Calvinist doctrine that Christ died not to redeem all of us but just the elect.

Today I came across this little Particular Baptist chapel just off the Aylestone Road in Leicester.

According to The Mystery Worshipper:
 The congregation used to be based in the city centre, in a building that could accommodate a congregation of 600+. As numbers dwindled and the building became surplus to their needs, the church acquired this building – and regard it as God's provision.
That site also says:
 I was surprised to find out that the building used to be a telephone exchange – it seems so well suited to its new role that I thought it had been purpose-built.


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Phil Beesley said...

Excellent photos. The chapel is normally shrouded by trees.