Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Rutland councillor reported to police over Facebook posts

Remember the Oakham South West by-election last week? It was the one where the Independent candidate Richard Alderman was elected by the drawing of lots after he and the Liberal Democrat Joanna Burrows tied at the top of the poll ahead of the Conservative.

Mr Alderman is in the news again today. He has been reported to the police and Rutland County Council's monitoring officer over his Facebook posts.

Dan Martin writes in the Leicester Mercury:
Today the Tory leader of the council Oliver Hemsley issued a statement saying he had been made aware of Facebook posts on the new councillor’s timeline. 
They included abuse of Labour shadow home secretary Diane Abbot, a picture of a noose which was posted as being the UK’s gift to Theresa May. 
She was described as its "most traitorous PM". 
Abuse aimed at Tory female MPs Anna Soubry and Esther McVey was also posted.
He also quotes the leader of the Independent group condemning Alderman:
“I am disgusted to read the newly elected councillor’s comments on Facebook. 
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice“He is not affiliated with the Council’s Independent Group. I wholly support the action being taken by Councillor Hemsley and Rutland County Council and trust the authorities to deal with this sufficiently.”
Time for another by-election in Oakham, I feel.

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frankie said...

Well he seems to be an equal opportunity hater, a broad spectrum of politicians there. Wait a minute are they not all women, does he have a problem with women?