Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lib Dems miss out after votes are tied in Rutland by-election

Commiserations to Joanna Burrows, who fell one vote short of winning today's by-election in the Oakham South-West ward of Rutland County Council for the Liberal Democrats.

The full result:

Richard Alderman (Independent)        178
Joanna Burrows (Liberal Democrat)   177
Patsy Clifton (Conservative)               163
Chris Brookes (Labour)                        80

At least we beat the Conservatives, who previously held this seat, into third place.

Later. Martin Brookes tells us what happened at the count tonight:
The votes counted and a dead heat between the Libdem and the Independent Candidates the final vote was decided by the returning officer who drew a ballot paper from the box. This was the first time the Returning Officer for Rutland had needed to do this.

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