Thursday, July 26, 2018

Darren Grimes continues to be mysterious

Never mind my puzzlement over the rapid change in Darren Grimes's politics: there is a more fundamental question about him. Just how old is the guy?

The screen capture above comes from a post made today on the page where he raised money to fund an appeal again the Electoral Commission finding that he had broken the law.

The tweet below was sent by him earlier this week.

h/t James Chalmers

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Phil Beesley said...

Forgive me for saying the obvious, but political parties make an effort to manage the exuberance of young recruits. The most enthusiastic youngsters are given mentors who "know a bit" but are ready to absorb new ideas.

The primary role of a mentor is to prevent a naiive from getting out of his/her depth. Like swimming. Darren Grimes presumably had mentors in the Lib Dems -- it went wrong.

Is anyone from the Brexit side looking after Darren Grimes? Is Darren Grimes just disposable?