Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Peter Gabriel, Brexit and the closing of the British mind

Remember how Brexit was supposed to make Britain a truly global nation? That's not how it's turning out in practice.

Today's Guardian quotes Peter Gabriel talking about his experiences of organising this year's Womad world music festival, where three acts were prevented from entering the country and a fourth arrived late:
"The right to travel for work, for education and even for pleasure is increasingly being restricted and often along racial and religious lines. 
“It is alarming that our UK festival would now have real problems bringing artists into this country … [many of whom] no longer want to come to the UK because of the difficulty, cost and delays with visas, along with the new fear that they will not be welcomed.”
The truth, of course, is that a global Britain is the last thing many supporters of Brexit want.

Anyway, Peter, while you are here...

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