Thursday, July 05, 2018

Leicestershire County Council returned £260,288 that should have subsidised a Market Harborough bus service

Last month the Leicester Mercury established that Leicestershire County Council has returned almost £900,000 to developers because it failed to spend money given to ameliorate the effect of new development.

Now comes news that £260,288 of that should have gone to fund a bus service for the Farndon Fields development in Market Harborough.

At a time when many of the town's bus services are under threat, I find that quite extraordinary.

The reason given in the Mercury is:
Elsewhere, £260,288 was sent back to the developers behind the Farndon Fields estate in Market Harborough after internal roads on the estate were not ready to facilitate a bus service because development was slower than expected. 
The council asked for a time extension but the developer refused.
I bet it did.

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