Sunday, July 29, 2018

Six of the Best 807

Caron Lindsay was at the Social Liberal Forum conference yesterday, where big ideas abounded.

"It has been de rigueur in certain middle class circles to complain about the baleful effect of political parties in government, but nobody appears to be complaining now they have all but disappeared in the chaos hat now seems to be overtaking what used to be known as the UK government." David Boyle is as penetrating as ever.

"Leave-supporting areas can be easily distinguished from those supporting Remain. Broadly speaking, they are more deprived, have lower levels of income, fewer high status-jobs, a weaker economic structure, and an ageing demographic with lower levels of educational attainment." Thiemo Fetzer argues that the vote for Brexit can be explained by the Coalition government's austerity policies.

Ferdinand Mount reviews a new life of Charles de Gaulle.

Bernard Weinraub examines the strange failure of the Clint Eastwood and Kevin Costner film A Perfect World.

Whenever a glimmer of chess talent is spotted in the United States, people often ask: “Is this the next Bobby Fischer?” Daaim Shabazz on Fabiano Caruana, the challenger for the world chess championship.

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