Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A 1967 advertisement for The Oxney Ferry Inn, Kent

Another advertisement from my 1967 guide to Rye.

The Oxney Ferry Inn is still flourishing, though it seems to have dropped the 'Oxney' from its name. Malcolm Saville fans may recognise it as the Smuggler's Rest of Treasure at Amorys:
Just over a mile to the north of Amorys, and standing well back from the road was an old inn called the Smuggler's Rest. It was a low-pitched, straggling building with white-washed walls and with several shabby sheds and outbuildings at the rear. 
It is probable that this isolated building was once a toll-house with a toll-gate across the road, for still on the wall today is a board with faded lettering stating the toll to be levied on carriages, horses, cattle, sheep and pigs.

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