Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Golliwog MEP Bill Etheridge resigns from Ukip because it is racist

I used to have fun with Bill Etheridge, He and his wife left the Conservative Party after they were disciplined for posing with golliwogs and putting the photos on their Facebook page.

They joined Ukip and Etheridge published a book:
In this fearless and controversial booklet, Bill Etheridge argues that the political and social elite have cravenly surrendered to the diktat of the Politically Correct dogma that has crushed free speech, smashed enterprise and reduced Britain to a mere shadow of its former self. Using personal insights and real life examples he shows how our political leaders can no longer be trusted and issues a powerful rallying cry for all lovers of freedom to stand up against the totalitarian bigots who have forced Political Correctness upon us.
He was later elected to the European Parliament and even stood for the Ukip leadership.

Today comes news that Etheridge has resigned from the party. In a letter to its leader Gerard Batten he says:
"The changes you have made have changed the party beyond recognition. 
"The party is now seen by large swathes of the British public as a vehicle of hate towards Muslims and the gay community... 
"For my part I wish UKIP well and leave with great sadness that the party I loved has left me and taken a different direction."
I think we can take Etheridge's resignation as final proof that Batten has taken Ukip to the far right.

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