Saturday, October 27, 2018

Six of the Best 826

"Justice requires civility as well as rectitude. The bombastic and the wrong can be stopped, as Joe McCarthy was stopped." Cicero's Songs makes the case for civility in politics.

"The songs on Village Green Preservation Society aren’t really about village greens and steam trains, or saving ‘little shops, china cups and virginity’... the subject Ray Davies was writing about was nostalgia – or rather, the ways in which nostalgia can lead you astray, falsifying memories and leaving you yearning for something which may never have existed in the first place." Andy Miller says the Kinks' great album is more relevant than ever.

London Reconnections explains how a London Overground train coming to a sudden halt outside Peckham Rye station began a chain of events that led to over 80 passengers standing at trackside beside the live rail.

Blitz Detective on fatalities and bombings in Lincolnshire during the second world war.

"As big-budget musical epics go, Camelot, with its glorious Oscar-winning costumes and production design, is nothing short of a dream; the film’s vast scale emblematic of Arthur’s full-to-bursting idealism." Liz Smith makes the case for the film musical often dismissed as a flop.

Susanna Zaraysky introduces us to the Bosnians who speak medieval Spanish.

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