Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mark Oaten has left the Liberal Democrats

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Mark Oaten, who was Liberal Democrat for Winchester between 1997 and 2010, has left the party.

We know this from a report in the Hampshire Chronicle and because he has tweeted the letter he received from Great George Street confirming his resignation.

Oaten, who now works as the chief executive of the trade body for the fur industry, even stood for the leadership of the party in 2006. He had to abandon the contest once the press took an interest in his private life.

He tells the Chronicle
“I have resigned from the party so I can take time to see what happens next in British politics. I hope that there will be change. The old parties need to reform or perhaps a new party will emerge and provide a better alternative. 
“I have not been involved in politics for eight years but I hope that in the future I can re engage and become more involved - but at the moment I could not support any party."
Is that a come-and-get-me aimed at a possible new centre party?

Anyway, I am sorry to see him leave, if only because his success in gaining Winchester is such a happy memory for Lib Dems.
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At the 1997 general election Mark Oaten beat the sitting Conservative by two votes. A re-run of the contest was ordered by the courts and he won by 21,556 votes.


Anonymous said...

"Oaten, who now works as the chief executive of the trade body for the fur industry ..."

What is it about ex-Lib Dem MPs and their career choices?

wiljaxon said...

That thought must have passed through many minds.