Friday, October 19, 2018

An Easter tradition at St Mary in Arden, Market Harborough

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This photograph has turned up on Getty Images with the caption "Graveside Hymn, Market Harborough."

As those houses in the background look like the bottom end of Great Bowden Road, the explanation for it is to be found on a page about the ruined church of St Mary in Arden:
A Service is still held here every Easter Saturday at 6.00pm, in accordance with the bequest of William Hubbard, whose gravestone is one of the few remaining in situ. In 1786 he left a rent-charge of one guinea to the church provided that ‘the Harborough singers’ sang the Easter hymn over his grave every year on Easter eve. The choir from St Dionysius church has continued this unbroken tradition for (at the time of writing) the last 225 years.
I will go along to see the fun one Easter.

In the mean time, there are some photographs of St Mary in Arden on this blog.

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