Monday, November 05, 2018

Harborough would now vote Remain

This evening Channel 4 screened Brexit: What The Nation Really Thinks, suggesting there has been a significant shift in public opinion from Leave to Remain.

So much so that 54 per cent of the population would vote Remain if there were a second referendum.

Of course, before there were a second referendum there would have to be a campaign and Remain would have to make its case far more effectively than it managed to last time. There would be the same problem of outside interests trying to affect the result too.

Still, that is a significant shift in opinion.

The polling was done Survation, who has made the results for each local authority available.

They show that the Leave vote in Harborough has fallen from 50.75 per cent at the referendum to 47.06 per cent now.

A small change, but one, of course, that changes Harborough from a Leave area to a Remain one.

Other local authorities in Leicestershire have shown larger swings.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
Up the road in Liberal Democrat Oadby & Wigston, the Leave vote has fallen from 54.58 per cent to 48.61. And in Charnwood (which is centered on Loughborough) it has fallen from 53.81 to 47.62.


Anonymous said...

Considering the final polls before the referendum overestimated the difference between Remain and Leave by 7-8% on average, I take this one with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between wishful thinking and facts. Near everyone I have met would vote leave without a deal, because of the way we have been treated by Europe.