Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Patrick O'Flynn joins the political undead of the SDP

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The most unexpected news story of the day must be Patrick O'Flynn MEP's decision to leave Ukip and join the SDP.

In his statement, O'Flynn says: "like many on the communitarian wing of the party, I have decided to join the resurgent SDP".

I am afraid that resurgence has passed me by, though there are a few pro-SDP Twitter accounts around.

And Sam Watts, who was the Ukip candidate for Corby at last year's general election, joined the SDP shortly afterwards. He is also a town councillor in Burton Latimer.

There's even someone on Twitter called William Clouston, who claims to be the party's leader.

What I can't find is evidence that anyone has been elected under the SDP banner for years, though they did lose a council seat in Bridlington to (ironically) Ukip as recently as 2014.

I was always a bit of an SDPsceptic, and it did come and go remarkably quickly. But it's sad to see its corpse being revived by disaffected Ukippers when support for the European Union was one of the motives for setting up the party in the first place.

That rumbling sound you can hear must be Roy Jenkins turning in his grave.

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stewart rayment said...

There is a cave in Ireland called Owenagat - its a gateway to the underworld