Sunday, November 18, 2018

The In Crowd: Blow Up

When choosing Tomorrow's My White Bicycle as a Sunday music video I wrote:
Tomorrow were a significant band in those days, so cool that they were asked to write songs for the film Blow-Up (in the event they were not used). 
Their guitarist Steve Howe later joined Yes while Keith West is, rather unfairly, best remembered for Excerpt from a Teenage Opera.
Here is one of the songs from the film, which just retells the plot. (That is less of an undertaking than it would be with most films). The band recorded it under their earlier name of The In Crowd.

Tomorrow did not appear in Blow-Up because the director Antonioni wanted The Who. They declined to appear, so he ended up with The Yardbirds looking rather self-conscious as they smashed up their equipment. (Follow that link to the clip from the film and you will see a line up with both Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.)

Anyway, it occurs to me that most of my readers will never have heard of Excerpt from a Teenage Opera. So I had better post that one Sunday too.


tonyhill said...

Please don't post 'Excerpt from a Teenage Opera' - it's one of the most annoying records ever made! I probably learned this from you anyway, but Janet Street-Porter is the girl in the silver dress dancing at the front in the Yardbirds scene.

Walsie said...

I disagree. You don't ha]==ve ti use "Grocer Jack" as there were other tracks laid down and recorded - including an elegy to a ghost steam locomotive. Mark Wirtz whose brainchild all this was, was a fascinating guy and is still on the go, I gather, in the US