Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Six of the Best 831

"Not only are the Welsh investing in teachers, but they are also protecting rural schools. Kirsty Williams introduced a new, stronger code last week which includes a presumption against the closure of rural schools." Kirsten Johnson says we can learn a lot from the Welsh Lib Dem education secretary,

The resources of nature belong to everybody, argues an article in Progress.

Mustafa Nayyem, who helped spark Ukraine's revolution five years ago, has seen the activists of Maidan pressured, isolated, and murdered. Anna Nemtsova meets him.

Gillian Darley is puzzled that the Southbank Centre, and the Royal Festival Hall in particular, should suffer from architectural self-loathing: "Few buildings have had such a swift and transformative effect on a city. At the heart of a 27-acre bomb-site, a pale, modernist clear-glazed concert hall rose out of the rubble, to be framed by the Thames when seen across the water."

Best Foot Upwards climbs the Stiperstones, Black Rhadley and Linley Hill on a circular walk from Snailbeach.

"'People often hear voices calling for help. They are the ghosts of those killed in the 1957 Lewisham train disaster.'" Eddie Brazil is our guide to the railway ghosts of South London.

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nigel hunter said...

The article on progress is very interesting, so much to absorb I will have to read it a number of times.