Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Yardbirds: Stroll On

As yesterday's video showing the locations from Blow-Up then and now has proved popular, here is a clip from the film featuring the Yardbirds.

It is an unusual line up for the band, as it includes both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Beck, who had replaced Eric Clapton as lead guitarist was shortly to be ousted by the other members. (You can see all three playing together in the 1983 benefit concert for Ronnie Lane and his ARMS charity.)

The real Ricky Tick Club was in Windsor, but the interiors here were filmed on a recreation of it at Elstree Studios and yesterday's video showed us where the exteriors were filmed.

But remember kids: Not even beating everyone to Beck's smashed guitar neck may not be enough to ward off ennui if you are an achingly fashionable photographer.

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