Saturday, July 12, 2014

Six of the Best 449

"I've been hugely influenced by my co-author David Clark, one of the world’s leading clinical psychologists. He always stressed to me that the aim of therapy is not to help people manage their condition but to recover and be free of it." Richard Layard is interviewed by Joel Suss, editor of the British Politics and Policy blog.

Sanchia Berg looks at the inadequate way allegations of abuse at children's homes and approved schools were dealt with in decades past.

"No one tells you to learn Chinese for the literature, or the history, or the love of the language itself (beautiful as it is). The unspoken message they’re sending out is “do it for the money”. Emily Maitlis says our children are learning Chinese for all the wrong reasons.

Diamond Geezer offers a dialogue on Transport for London's decision to stop allowing people to pay their fares on the bus with cash. He foresees trouble.

"The city came alive… I felt proud to be a York resident." Miles Salter writes for York Mix on the triumph that was Le Grand Depart.

Wartime Housewife mourns the death of Jeremiah the cat: "I hope that wherever he is now, he has gardens to explore, furry things to chase and a full tummy." Excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye.

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