Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Now Jo Swinson is going to replace Vince Cable

Political commentators are agreed that Jo Swinson will get a Cabinet post in the autumn: it's just that they can't agree whom she will replace.

The other day we saw that both Alistair Carmichael and Ed Davey have been given the black spot.

Now David Maddox in The Scotsman has found a new victim:
This could be the moment when Mr Clegg considers the position of Vince Cable. The Business Secretary has been a thorn in Mr Clegg’s side throughout the coalition and may have been involved in the failed coup attempt organised by his close friend Lord Oakeshott. But most importantly, Mr Clegg now has an excuse to sack Mr Cable because of the botched privatisation of Royal Mail. Most ministers struggle to survive losing the taxpayer at least £1 billion. 
The timing could be significant. Cable is adored by the party faithful and sacking him before the Glasgow conference in autumn could see him become a focal point for members’ widespread unhappiness with Clegg’s leadership. Do it after the conference and Mr Cable would have less of a platform to lead a popular rebellion.
It's almost as if commentators don't always know as much as they pretend.

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crewegwyn said...

I've heard Jo Swinson will be replacing Nick Clegg.