Sunday, July 06, 2014

In which I become an authority on New Zealand footpaths and John Buchan

You can't beat a vanity search on Google Books. I find I have been quoted recently in two very diverse works.

First, Foot-tracks in New Zealand: Origins, Access Issues and Recent Developments by Pete McDonald:

McDonald is quoting for an article I once wrote for OpenMind - you can find it on this blog. You will see that I may also have given him the idea of quoting from Richard Jefferies.

The second quotation, perhaps more unexpectedly, is to be found in More Than Just War: Narratives of the Just War and Military Life by Charles Jones:

That comes from a post on this blog: Greenmantle by John Buchan.


Kiron Reid said...

Great quotes and nice to get properly referenced in some quality looking studies. But I'm astounded that you found positive aspects in terms of diversity in Greenmantle. I don't seem to have mentioned any detail in my own comments on John Buchan but I was horrified by the jingoistic pro-War nature of Greenmantle. Though I also remember another strategic point - Liberal campaigner Bill le Breton once explaining that he named a series of campaigns after John Buchan novels, which I hadn't realised. So I went away and read one or two.

Kiron Reid said...

Follow up. Having now read both your Greemantle post, and the comments on it, I have found them informative. I forgot the former passage when our hero takes refuge (disguised as a German Imperial messenger) in the woodsman's cottage, and the language of the second extract is food for thought given the crazy logic coming out of some expats allegedly in Syria now.