Friday, July 18, 2014

The old school at Breedon on the Hill

The approach to Breedon on the Hill from the east is dominated by the church on its man-made cliff, but the first thing you see when you arrive in the village is this remarkable Victorian school. Your first impression is that it is forbidding, but it is tamed by further study.

British Listed Buildings gives its history:
The school was built [in 1874] by Charles Abney Hastings as a memorial to his wife, Edith. His name had been Abney but he took his wife's name Hastings either on their marriage or on her succession to the Scottish title of Loudon on the death of her brother, the last Marquess of Hastings. ... 
Abney Hastings was created Lord Donington in 1880. He built this school a year after purchasing the Breedon estates of the 7th Earl of Stamford and Warrington.
Today it is too near the main road the quarry to serve its original purpose and lies empty, but it remains a remarkable building.


wolfi said...

Thanks again, Jonathan, for all those fantastic pictures from the English country side!

I really have to return there some time and show my partner around who knows only London ...

Glyssops said...

The Old School in Breedon on the Hill was my primary school. My Dad was the Village policeman and Ralph Hallam was the headmaster. I used to sing in the Choir every Sunday at the church on the hill.
I am now 67 years old and live in Perth Western Australia.
I love this beautiful old building and hope it will be preserved.
One of the inscripions reads:-

Unknown said...

Does anybody know who owns the building now or any way of getting access? My grandma went to this school 80 years ago and keeps telling me how she'd love to go back in and have a look. If anyone has any info please let me know!

Debbie Rea said...

I remember ringing hand bells in the school - must have been about 8-9 years old - I am now 73!

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for your memories, Debbie!

Debbie Rea said...

I think that the school must belong either to the Breedon Parish council or perhaps NorthWest Leicestershire district council.