Saturday, July 05, 2014

Six of the Best 447

What You Can Get Away With has been reading Conrad Russell's An Intelligent Person’s Guide To Liberalism. As you should.

"So the choice, for the foreseeable future, seems clear: do we want independent schools to continue as they are, largely closed to those who can't find the substantial fees; or do we want them to be open on merit, not money, so that a wider group of children can benefit?" On the Sutton Trust blog, James Turner asks some radical questions about private schools.

A fifth of all websites blocked in the UK, says Krystal Vermes on Venture Beat.

Carl Bromwich remembers his visit to a Soviet pioneer camp in Belarus for the Guardian.

"I got the sense that being at Wimbledon was something I was expected to feel privileged about – as if taking part in a great British institution was the whole point of the exercise. British tennis, despite Murray, isn’t doing particularly well. It’s hard not to suspect that Wimbledon may be part of the problem." William Skidelsky describes two days at the tennis for LRB blog.

IanVisits finds fragment of London’s Roman wall hidden in a car park.

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