Monday, July 21, 2014

Six of the Best 452

"Moscow gave these weapons to the frankly low grade forces they have created in the Donbas without thought for the consequences. That those consequences have proven to be so dreadful simply underlines the brutal and arrogant stupidity that has become the hallmark of Putin's policy." Cicero's Songs says Putin must pay the price for his brutal incompetence.

What You Can Get Away With argues that one member, one vote is not a magic wand that will solve the Liberal Democrats' problems.

Bits of Books, Mostly Biographies looks at the fall of the Conservative MP Sir Ian Horobin, a case with contemporary resonance.

Alex's Archives marks his 500th post with some reflections on why he blogs.

"I wondered too whether Trescothick ever envies the man who took his place all those years ago? Might he not (illnesses aside) be happier away from the limelight where the cameras are generally in the hands of friends and admirers?" Backwatersman watches a former test hero bat at Northampton while Alastair Cook struggles for England.

An unfulfilled dream of the theatre maverick Joan Littlewood is finally set to be realised, reports the Guardian.

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