Thursday, July 17, 2014

Take your hands off our beavers

A beaver yesterday
Good news from the River Otter in Devon: one of the wild beavers living on it has given birth to three young.

When the beavers were discovered at the start of the month, it was announced that they would be trapped and rehomed in a wildlife park. The appeared to be an attempt by the Tory minister George Eustice to placate fishing interests.

A petition against this move was launched and, reading today's press coverage, there are hopes that the government will back down.


Dan Falchikov said...

Beavers living on the River Otter - you couldn't make it up!

Phil Beesley said...

Beavers are not a native species. We do not know whether they might become a problem. Cute, yes. Problem, maybe.

A sister lives in Ottery St Mary. On a sample of one exposed to beaver fever, she'd be a reluctant No to allowing establishment.