Friday, July 11, 2014

Team Clegg plays down the idea of promoting Jo Swinson to the Cabinet

On 1 July 2012 I blogged about a Scotland on Sunday report tipping Jo Swinson for promotion to the Cabinet. The idea was that she would replace Michael Moore as Secretary of State for Scotland. In the event, of course, it was Alistair Carmichael who got the job.

Yesterday the New Statesman tipped her again. This time the proposed victim was Ed Davey, the Secretary of State for Energy.

Today's papers have clearly been briefed by Team Clegg - Freddie and Fiona - that this is not going to happen. I think that is a shame.

The Guardian holds out some hope for Jo:
She is expected to succeed Alistair Carmichael as Scotland secretary after September's independence referendum.
I hope Nick Clegg has something new in mind for Alistair. The sack would be a poor reward for The Man Who Saved the Union.

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