Friday, July 18, 2014

Six of the Best 451

Alex's Archives takes a scalpel to Liberal Democrat travails over the bedroom tax.

"He was right to emphasise the importance of diversity in education, right to champion the involvement of parents in starting schools and right to turbo-charge free schools." David Boyle, rightly, writes in praise of Michael Gove.

The only way to contain Moscow is to understand that there’s still a Cold Warrior in the Kremlin, says Jeffrey Lewis on Foreign Policy.

"Today Liberty announced it is representing James and Dana Haymore, who are being prosecuted for failing to ensure that their son 'regularly attended school' on the basis of six days absence." Good for Liberty.

London Reconnections on the reawakening of the Caledonian sleeper.

Proletarian Democracy maintains that the Chuckle Brothers are two of the most successful revolutionary agents in the entire proletarian milieu: "The famous Chucklist catchphrase, 'To me, to you' is perhaps the most succinct expression of working class solidarity ever uttered against the parasitic capitalist ruling class of South Yorkshire."

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