Saturday, March 02, 2019

Former lecturer on the paranormal is the Tory candidate for Leicestershire and Rutland's PCC

Rupert Matthews MEP, a former lecturer on the paranormal with the "International Metaphysical University" was today chosen as the Conservative candidate for 2020's police and crime commissioner election in Leicestershire and Rutland.

According to Michael Crick, who has taken an interest in Matthews' eccentricities, the course he introduces above would have set you back $425 in 2012.

Back in the days of Conservative modernisation, the party was not amused by the cover of a book published by Bretwalda Books - Matthews describes himself as its 'editorial director'.

Defending himself to the BBC in 2011, he said:
"I'm a shareholder in the company but I didn't do that one - I do the history stuff."
But what are the implications of Matthews' idiosyncratic take on the world? How would it affect his conduct of the role if he were elected to a role currently filled by Labour's Willy Bach?

True, he is on record as saying:
"The evidence for UFOs and for the humanoid creatures linked to them is pretty compelling."
But there is good news too:
"However, most of the evidence that suggests some sort of global threat is a lot less convincing. It rests on dubious testimony or simply does not mesh with the mass of evidence about UFOs available elsewhere."
So maybe he won't want to raise his precept to fight those humanoid creatures linked to UFOs.

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