Sunday, March 03, 2019

The Case for Expanding the Rail Network

The Campaign for Better Transport has published a new report backing 33 rail reopening schemes.

Between them they would add 343 miles to the passenger rail network (166 miles of reopened route and 177 miles of freight-only route upgraded to passenger rail standards).

One of the schemes advocated is the freight-only line from Leicester to Burton upon Trent, though the report envisages fewer intermediate stations than were planned when this scheme was close to being put into practice in the 1980s.

Another freight line mentioned is the one from Walsall to Water Orton through Sutton Coldfield. The photo above shows the former Sutton Park station in 1982. (Don't look for it; it's not there anymore.)

Among the proposed reopenings of lines that have closed altogether is the one from Harrogate via Ripon to Northallerton, which has always been high on the list of Beeching's greatest mistakes.

You can download The Case for Expanding the Rail Network from the Campaign for Better Transport website.

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