Thursday, March 14, 2019

Six of the Best 856

David Boyle on the latest Brexit manoeuvres: "It is a bit like voting against global warming, or turkeys voting against Christmas. To really avoid it, you have to act."

"Most noticeable ... was the amount of the discussion, in a body responsible for a service to consumers – patients – about how to give the consumers what they do not want. The whole thrust of large parts of the meeting was on how to steer patients away from doctors, away from accident and emergency, away from outpatients." Peter West attends a meeting of his local clinical commissioning group’s governing body.

David Kynaston reviews a biography of Eric Hobsbawm.

"Blue Velvet can also be observed as a meta-commentary on film viewers themselves; as Lynch puts it, 'we are all voyeurs'." Cinephilia & Beyond views David Lynch's 1986 masterpiece.

Explore the Welland just below Market Harborough with Patterdale Paddler.

"In 1947 Crown won Hastings Reserves tournament, scored a bronze medal in the British Championship, played for British national team in three matches (vs Netherlands, USSR and Australia) and defeated one of the top grandmasters of the time in one of them. He was one of the most promising chess talents in Great Britain and appeared to be destined to achieve great heights." Andrey Terekhov on another lost British chess talent.

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nigel hunter said...

By NOT giving the people what they want are they opening the door to more services being hived of to the private sector. NHS reduced by a thousand slow cuts.