Monday, March 04, 2019

Six of the Best 854

"After a year of navel-gazing about 'Registered Supporters' now our Leadership doesn’t even seem to have the energy to ask potential supporters to register with this party in particular." Alex Wilcock demands better of the Liberal Democrats.

Jane Dodds explains why the Welsh Lib Dems want to trial Universal Basic Income.

"It’s hard to find a hero in this story. It seems to me to illustrate in a small way the huge challenge at the heart of modern politics: how to fix complex problems in an accountable way with an increasingly broken system." Ed Maxfield on the closure of Norfolk's Children's Centres.

Who were Jack the Ripper's victims and what sort of lives did these women lead? Hallie Rubenhold presents five things you probably didn’t know about them.

Alexandra Alexa looks at Tolkien's illustrations for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

"As you are a first-time visitor we’ll head up through the mixture of deciduous woodland and onto the grass common of Whitcliffe with its wild-flower meadows where you have the best views over the old town with the Clee Hill in the background." Jude takes us for a walk around Ludlow.

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