Monday, March 18, 2019

Six of the Best 857

Richard Kemp says the Liberal Democrat conference was right to reject the more fanciful elements on Vince Cable's supporters scheme - in fact they should never have been put forward.

"If you are upwardly mobile from a poor background, you have to learn how to fit in. If you are posh, you don’t. You glide from school to Oxbridge to the city or bar all the time surrounded by like-minded people so you know the rules. The upshot is that in the unusual contingency of ever being outside of that environment – as Cox was in Brussels – you put your foot in it." Chris Dillow explains why class matters.

Douglas Murray makes a strong case for prosecuting Bloody Sunday's ‘Soldier F’.

"The lingering belief that it can have it all is precisely what’s so repellent about modern Australia. Because it has come at a terrible cost." Matthew Engel is falling out of love with the country.

"Twenty years on from The Beatles - with synth-pop, dance music and hip-hop still largely niche affairs - the big hitters of the sixties and seventies hit their forties, and because mainstream rock radio was essentially conservative, they kept getting play and selling albums." Dave Holmes introduces us to DivorceCore music.

David Behrens on the rediscovery of the Sheaf - the river buried under Sheffield city centre.

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